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Join a Tournament

Find and join tournaments for your favorite games, play others and earn the opportunity to win money!

Organize Tournaments

Create a tournament for any type of game, share it with your network and determine the Champions that win your tournament.


BlinC pays you automatically every Friday your weekly winnings. Win tournaments, get paid, and become a true professional player.

Royalty Network

Get paid for every friend you bring to the platform. Anytime they organize or play in a tournament, you get paid. 

Organize a Tournament

Starting and joining competitions has never been easier. Designed with the goal of creating a tournament in moments, our simple platform will guide you through the creation process.

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Royalty Network

Our platform handles payouts for your events. We give you ways to earn while you play in both tournaments you host and join. Being in our Royalty Network means more recurring revenue for you in exchange for getting more gamers off the app and into the game!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Host A Tournament?

Hosting a tournament is made easy with the BlinC app. Download it today and get started hosting your own tournament! If you need any additional assistance, reach out to our support.

What Games Are Played?

We play all kinds of games and are always adding more! Some are Madden, FIFA, 2K, COD.

How Do I Get Paid?

Payouts are made through the app platform to the payment information you provide to us. It is worth keeping in mind that money you make is considered taxable income where applicable.

When Are Tournaments Held?

Tournaments are held all the time throughout the week. For the most up to date information on our tournaments being held, download the BlinC app or stay in touch with our social platforms.

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